Our Approach

We believe that the best approach to successful wealth management is one that is team-based. Family Defined Benefits helps clients maneuver through the complexities of their personal finances by enlisting the expertise of various industry professionals along the way.

Our process begins with education. By equipping our clients with the knowledge required to manage their current wealth, we are better able to assist them in accomplishing their future financial goals. Addressing the needs, desires, and long-term hopes of each client, our team provides workshops that enhance the overall understanding of personal wealth management. After attending one of our workshops, clients are invited for a personal analysis with one of our financial professionals at no-cost or obligation. Vital to our overall approach, this initial meeting exists to better understand the needs and concerns of a prospective client. Once a mutually beneficial relationship has been established, our firm will bring in professionals needed to build an effective planning strategy.

We recognize that every person will encounter challenges in life - financial as well as personal. Throughout our entire process, from planning, to implementation, to follow-up, Family Defined Benefits puts the needs of our clients front and center. As a wealth management firm, undivided attention, individualized service, and exceptional care is at the cornerstone of our approach.